Saturday, July 30, 2005

here is pictures of my lovely new apartment that i moved into just under a month! it is so central...i live with my fella anthony and my friend much fun!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

jj72 @ the village

This is me,una, sarah and gus at the jj72 gig in the village on friday 15th of july....sarah and gus are in the band they rocked the village da nite! meanwhile me, una and lili had a drunken nite!


Here is me and Una in the vip area of oxegen it was an amazing day...i saw dave grohl from the foo fighters, the killers and charlie from busted wandering around the vip area ...stellar star spotting!

Me at the waxworks---not!

here is me and amp fiddler.. anthony had amp playing for him a while ago....amp is such a dude! he looks like a waxmodel! and dont get me started on those trousers how high are they!

My first post

Yay! i am now offically a blogger!