Monday, November 20, 2006

3 is the magic number..everybody wants to be a dj!

My new obbession at the moment is learning how to be a scratch dj, wicka wicka wild style. or maybe just a dj in might take a while but watch this space. any ideas for dj names?? Was thinking about dj hard cor ha! I cant wait to get on the decks and do little tricks and shout REWIND and scratch away.....

Christina, Oh Christina

Christina Aguliera's bouncers came in on saturday looking for a table for her for sunday...we dont open sundays! they said then she might come in that night but didnt..just looking at the cover of the metro today: Christina Aguilera celebrates her first wedding ann with hubby at town bar and hoo!! So close to meeting christina

Check out this video of her though hot!!

Back in business

Ok i miss my blog...noboday probably checks it anymore but i will try update it more
big up to blogs peace out