Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harvey Nichols Launch

Ok, this post is long over due! At the end of september me and una had a launch nite! we started off at a restaurant launch necking back free champers and stuff our faces with superb food before moving on to harvey nichols launch where more necking of free champers was to be had! This led to a very drunken nite where i ended up robbing a mini knome from the toilets, staring open mouthed at Dita Von Teese even when she walked by us and una could only utter the words oh Dita! which i heard as oh anita! (im convinced she said oh anita! but she denys this), una spilling champagne everywhere, me and una "conducting an interview with brian kennedy" i could go on...but i will let some photees do the talking one is a blurry photee of dita von teese performing and the other is me posing with this amazing knomes they were so cute and knome like!

Baby day

On tuesday i had a real baby day i went and visited anthonys little nephew and rays little baby daughter ahhh here they are respectively yah! go babies!

Here are photees of my mom and her boyfriend John's new shop and gallery in kildare! im so proud the shop is amazing so if your ever in kildare pop in!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Queen Moss

I now everyone is probably sick of the whole kate moss saga..but I found this on the web and i just had to comment on how amazing kate moss looks it just shows that she still is the one of the best models around...long live kate moss

Ok Ok im such a slacker i havent updated my blog in ages! oh well! here are some exculsive behind the scenes photees of the photo shoot i did with the wonderful lili for totally much fun! cant wait for the next issue of totally dublin! watch this space!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

anthony joins the world of blogging for proper this time!

i swear i will up date my blog soon but for now check out anthony's blog its great!