Sunday, September 18, 2005

bears alive

I like this photo ...anthony took it off me early in my sleepy slumber. It looks like the teddy bears are alive and posing for the camera..there names are rufus and ronald. ahhh!

Me, una and lili at the kistar launch on thursday nite. Anthony was taking our photo for the evening herald..dont know if it was ever in it. Later on that nite i got my photo taken for glamour magazine! photee mania!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Im elated about totally dublin being finally out...this hopefully could lead to bigger and better things styling wise. me and lili are already teaming up again to do another shoot in october for the november issue of totally dublin.

Another nite of monday madness, me johanna and anthony went out boozing last nite (apart from anthony boozing that is) went to the spigeltent down on georges dock it is amazing so pretty this year, then on to the vipers room.I have never been to the vipers room mad, crazy place with mad, crazy people! Johanna was getting hit on by this crazy swingers couple very funny! and let me not forget this lovely(!) 50 year old man that asked me did he think he could "bang johanna"! she left alone for obvious reasons! i meet a old friend of anthonys brendan, who is a photographer, we both had really similar tastes and now he wants to work with me on some shoots! so exicting! me, johanna and brendan ended up drinkin and bonding til 5 in the morning back at mine...they are the best those improtu nites out on the town meeting new weird and wonderful people. so heres to a stylish future!

Finally! totally dublin is looks amazing check out the cover! i will post the rest of the inside pages soon! Yay my first piece of published work! well done sarah, lili, una and me!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Some Electric Picnic Photees

IF U LIKE HIPHOP UPDATE YOUR BLOG.....yes i have been really slack at the old blogging but here u go just a quick post with some photees of electric picnic or actually of the people i hung out with at electric you can see i wasnt that snap happy!