Monday, February 18, 2008

Michelle Ma Belle

I can not get over how amazing Michelle Williams looks in the new Wonderland magazine...I first remember hearing about Wonderland when the editor of the magazine went on Dragon's Den for financial backing. He wanted to create a style conscious unisex magazine and he has is one of my favourite magazines.

I have never been a major fan of Williams, but the combination of the photography and the make-up make for a visually beautiful portrait of her. The interview that accompanies the editorial was done before the tragic death of Heath Ledger and I must say she comes across as a genuinely nice person...Here is her on how motherhood has changed her...

"I feel like I didn’t have any relationship with my body before Matilda. Well I did, but it was just a bad one. After having my daughter I can’t judge myself in the same way. My body has done this totally miraculous but utterly ordinary thing. The downside is that my vocabulary has shrunk to the size of a pea."

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